growing up, i always had this strange inner conflict between the culture of my environment and the culture of my heritage. sometimes it leads to a myriad of misunderstandings, but extract that from the equation and you get some pretty funny moments left over. take for example:

one time i tried explaining to my mother the importance of “having chemistry” with someone. you either do or you don’t, and to force it is futile. this is why there are so many young couples today in the community we live in, that seem to like each other and are surface-level well-matched, yet they spend their dinners sitting across from each other, albeit somewhere far away in their respective social media universes, i told her. she tilted her head at an angle and nodded. a very serious student.

after having this conversation i promptly forgot about it.

a few months later, i was telling her about a guy i met at a party. on paper he was great; i told her a little about his background and a lottle about where his life has taken him in the past couple years. we talked for a while but i never pursued it any further.

she asked:

why? no chemicals?

from that point on, i have switched out “chemistry” for “chemicals” because it’s absurd and hilarious, and i have tried to remember to see the humor in the cultural differences that exist between myself and those whom i love.

i love this video because it is also absurd and hilarious and i hope you’ll like it too.


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