Tienes la cara como una nevera por detrás

It’s a tough job.

I glance over at the feet in the next stall over. I’ve already done my business, had the toilet automatic-flush on me twice (Yuck. I’m a slow goer.), and no noise/movement from the poor soul next to me.

My name is Miguel Arroyo Narcisco Rodriguez, and Mucho Burrito is my claim to fame. My family’s at least.

By “claim to fame”, I mean bane of my existence.

I started out as a humble taste-tester. The position is a misnomer; most people think: Taste-tester? Awesome!

Not awesome. Not awesome at all.

Most of my shifts in the early days were spent in a dirty bathroom stall–

Side note: dirty public washrooms are my kryptonite. I could never make it in China I guess, although I guess technically they aren’t so much toilets as they are holes.

Every time I came back from an unexplained absence while on the clock, I would get looks of sympathy from the waitstaff, and glee from the line cooks.

Even Mucho Burrito is a bit of a misnomer, as we’re really a taco stand. Welcome to our classy establishment.


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