TPWM: the one who doesn’t know where she lives

I need help (halp).

I looked up from my screen at work.

Hi, how are you today?

Where do I live?


What is my address?


I need map.

Miss, there’s a store directory just around the corner there.

You do map for me.

I watch incredulously as this woman winds around and sidles up next to me behind the counter, peering closer at my computer screen. She corners me as she leans in. What is happening?

Miss, what’s your street name?

Uhhh… C-H-white?

Miss, I don’t… I don’t know about that…

We eventually found her address on Google Maps after retracing her steps (err, bicycle tread?). By the way, her street name did not start with a C, H, or White.

She scurries out.

(Exit stage left.)

OK miss, have a good day now.


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