Sadist Heels: First Look

What’s goin’ on, everybody!

I recently wrote a short story about a blind date gone off the tracks. It’s called Sadist Heels, and it reads like a short film.

This post is to gauge interest before I post S.H. in its entirety; and I’d like to send an early release to anyone who is interested and/or would like to offer their feedback/constructive criticism.

Currently, I don’t have a place to workshop my writing, and I would love to turn to my WordPress friends for some potential fine-tuning.

Thank you darlings, and the excerpt is after the jump!



I told the same tired old joke, and was rewarded with howls of laughter around the bar. More drinks came sliding my way, orders barked over the noisy din at the bartenders–

Another one for the lady! I’ll have what she’s having!

I looked around, weary, skimming the crowd over the tops of their heads; a lot of beanies in here, aren’t they hot? It must be something like 97 degrees in this joint.

Besides, where was my date? No missed calls, no texts, and at this point, he seems like a no-show. I silently vowed to never let Mom set me up on a blind date ever again… oh Lord, how pathetic.

I carefully extricated myself from the throng of half-inebriated patrons of the bar, struggling for a moment to slip my feet through the criss-crossing straps of my heels. Good grief, why do I wear these shoes? I call them my Sadist Heels, the only thing protecting me from tetanus at this fine establishment.

I squeezed past a freakishly tall head of long blonde hair on my way to the facilities, taking up way more space than is fair, texting. Excuse me miss, sorry. When I got to the unisex restroom, there was no line, thank goodness. I waited for a good 10 minutes, the arches of my feet feeling it more and more as each minute passed. Eventually, finally, a couple came staggering out, with a little white on the gentleman’s mustache. I did a 180, left the front of the long line that had since formed, and stepped out of the bar.

Wait! I think you left this!  yelled a voice behind me.

That’s the first part everyone, hope you enjoyed it! Let me know what you think and if you’d like to read more!

Xx C


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