The People We Meet, writing

The People We Meet

The People We Meet — sometimes they’re weird. And sometimes they make me lose faith in humanity. But sometimes I’ll meet a shiny, special human being that’ll make me want to give everyone I come across a crisp high five. In this new segment, I’m going to write about one person I meet, every time I go into work. Hope you enjoy it!

First up: The One with the Eyes

She was a beautiful, tiny, shrunken Indian lady who came in to get a new plan for her new phone. She looked old enough to be my grandmother, yet she just bought one of the newest, most expensive Android phones, wrapped in a buttery smooth leather case. You know the kind with a flap for all your credit cards/ID and a little window to see the top half of the screen? Yeah. And the case was the brightest orange I had ever seen. Maybe I should’ve called her The One with the Clementine Phone.

I took a look at her ID (company policy), and noted that she was actually 6 years younger than my parents. I looked up, smiling, and opened my mouth to ask her if there were a particular 4 digits she’d like to have on the end of her phone number. That’s when I noticed her eyes.

She had the most striking brown eyes. They were strictly brown, not hazel, but there was a luminosity in them I had yet to see before meeting her. I’m not being cheesy, her eyes literally looked like dark honey on a spoon (Google Images!), because they seemed to absorb light, and then throw it back out tenfold. I glanced over at her daughter’s eyes, thinking it might only be the lighting in the store, but nope; it was the old (not that old) lady.

Those eyes got me started on the idea of this new segment, and I sure hope that beautiful old lady is enjoying using her new phone.


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