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A New Writing Job Awaits!

Hello my darlings–

I have some very exciting news to tell you! Well, I’m excited, and I hope you’ll be excited for me too.  I wrote a post late last year expressing the happiness I felt upon finding a little corner of the internet that was passionate about making stuff- whether it be designing t-shirts, writing poetry, making vinyl record art, composing music or authoring books and short stories. For a lot of us, these are the hobbies that fit in the in-betweens of work, school and the minutiae of everyday life. As a result, when life gets busy, these creative pursuits are often the first to tumble




However, we always seem to come back to it. We always pick up that brush again, sit down at the keyboard again, open that sketchbook again. In those moments when inspiration strikes and we create something that makes us feel like we birthed a large, ungainly child and now we’re shouting from the rooftops of every local theater/bar/gallery dying to show the world-

Hold on. Let me catch my breath.

Dying to show the world what we made, it’s those moments that help us remember why it was worth the time, energy and emotion. And this is why we come back to it. Because when you’re a maker, you need to make in order to live a life that is full and rewarding.

Of course, there’s also the slight inconvenience of having to make money to pay the bills. And as we all know, sometimes Art and Money don’t play on the same playground. Which is why I’m so excited to tell you my news–

I was recently hired to write for!

In the words of Steven Fudge, the creator of the website, “invites the curious and the collective to explore what ‘domestic ‘Canadiana’ is, when explored within the fields of architecture, landscape, design, product and real estate. It creates a genuine opportunity to promote Canada’s historical and contemporary vernacular, our own homegrown talent and showcase how our diverse and distinctive landscape shapes our domestic environments.”

I’m going to be a busy worker bee, coming up with fresh new content here for my personal blog, my other writing platform at YOUeffect, and for houseporn. Thank you for coming along for the ride and caring, and I will be sure to keep you apprised of my latest news. Until then, a round of applause (aka beer. Or shots, if that’s more your thing) for everyone and their personal passion projects!

What’s new in your lives? Keep me updated in the comments below!


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