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Hashtagging for Hope – YOU Effect

In the wake of the tragic Sydney café shooting, a small glimmer of hope shines. Two innocent lives were lost, and a social media movement will not be able to bring them back, but what it is able to do is heartening.

On a December 15th Monday morning, 17 hostages were trapped in a downtown Sydney café.  It wasn’t until 16 hours later that the ordeal ended, with the police team storming in after hearing several shots fired from within.

News footage shows hostages with their arms in the air and hands pressed against the windows, and two people were forced to hold up a flag with the Shahada, an Islamic declaration of faith, behind the shop window.

After the ordeal, an Australian woman saw a Muslim woman taking off her hijab, or headscarf, on public transportation. The Australian woman ran after the Muslim woman, telling her to put her headscarf back on, and that “[she’d] walk with [her]”. Many more showed a similar sense of solidarity, with the trending Twitter hashtag #IllRideWithYou being used more than 90,000 times by late evening.

Read the rest of the story at YOU Effect.


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