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SERIAL NO. 1; Photo Counter

Here is the first installment of the short story I’m writing. Every week, every Saturday night, I’ll be posting another snippet of this story. Enjoy, and read part 2 next Saturday!

Two women stand at a film developing counter. They both have pictures of the same man.

One has decided to let her photos spill across the counter, scattered haphazardly across the surface, as the other holds her neatly stacked photos tight to her chest.

Daisy has her car keys in hand with her finger through the keychain loop, while not subtly rolling her eyes as she rotates her left wrist down to check her watch. For someone named after a friggin’ flower she looks awfully bitchy, is how Austin would probably describe her if she knew her name.  But she doesn’t. And her back is turned.

Waiting for the other woman to get her act together, Daisy can’t help but catch a glance at several of the photos on the counter. As soon as she sees that face, she quickly averts her gaze, as if she’d been caught red-handed, stealing kisses at a candy store. Hershey’s kisses, of course. She takes a mental step back and re-assesses the woman in front of her.  She doesn’t seem to have a care in the world, but little does she know that that’s about to change.

Thoughts/comments/predictions? Anything you want to see for the next week? Let me know in the comments below!


5 thoughts on “SERIAL NO. 1; Photo Counter

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