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Hello darlings,

I recently read a stellar article by a writer named Christoph Fischer about his Twitter strategy (you can also read an earlier article I wrote about my opinions of Twitter here). It was his article that lit a fire under me, spurning me to create a Twitter account separate from my personal one, @saucyankles, in order to reach out and expand my network of  writers.

Alas, @darlingdispatch was born!

In so doing, I had to pick a concise and catchy handle.

As far as branding went, I knew I wanted to keep “darling” as part of my handle. (Side note, my mother and sister are now on Instagram as @darlingesther and @darlingemm. We Chengs are starting an empire!) I thought back to a blog I follow, The Lancaster Despatch Box. I thought their blog name was fabulous, and I told them so. The name always stuck in my mind, what if I branded my twitter presence as… The Darling Dispatch Box? Would I be:

  • @darlingdispatch?
  • @darlingdispatches?
  • @thedarlingdispatch?
  • @thedarlingdispatchbox?

I deliberated with that for a little while (ok maybe an hour), until I told myself to Just do it, Chay” and I got to starting an account, figuring I could see how it looked and change it if anything. My decision was made for me, however, because Twitter only allows a 15-character max for handles. Whew.

Alas, @darlingdispatch was born!

On it, you’ll find such gems as:

tetanus tweet

oh gahd tweet

first draft i promise tweet

Through my short time so far in the WordPress community, I’ve met people and made dear friends with those who share the same creative interests. For example, my darling friend Dicky J. Loweman, with whom I’ve written poetry (more pieces to come!), and my dear Jack Alberson, who is writing songs for his solo record available Nov. 14. That’s his track below!

And this is where you lovely folks fit into the equation. Why did I write such a click-heavy post? Because I love this community. I want to share with all of you, the however-few of you who are kind enough to read my blog, the artistry and creativity that has been shared so graciously with me. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Are you a writer? An artist? A poet, an architect, an imaginer? If so, thank you for stopping by.

Oh dear! I’m rambling! The TL;DR of this post is that I’m looking to reach out to other readers, writers, artists and creative minds out there on Twitter and WordPress. Please come check me out on Twitter at @darlingdispatch,  and if you know of/are part of any already-existing tweet teams, networks or lists of writers on Twitter, please let me know. I’ll love you forever! Have a good day, everybody!

Xxo Chay

Please feel free to leave your thoughts and Twitter handles below, I’ll be sure to swing by!


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