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Check out these beautifully re-imagined Twitter layouts.

I personally love Twitter. I put off getting an account for years, because what could be more narcissistic than having the ability to tweet constant updates? I don’t need to know that you’re having a bowel movement, nor do I want to know. But that sure doesn’t stop some people. Or, remember the various celebrity twitter feuds last year, à la Kanye vs. Jimmy Kimmel? And don’t even get me started on the ever-popular post-breakup Twitter rant. People!

However, I recently started my own twitter account, with the intention of locking down a handle I use on all of my social media platforms: @darlingchay Unfortunately, I had arrived a year too late. I eventually came up with @saucyankles, of which I must save the story of how I came up with for another post, another day. I began following the Twitter accounts associated with my favorite news and design websites, and Twitter has since become this delightful “internet funnel” through which I stay informed about current events and design/fashion trends.

As for the design of Twitter, I have no issue with it. Yes, the mobile version is bland, and if you don’t customize your interface, your profile is basically the BILLY bookcase of social media. But Twitter does allow room for creativity in that you can set your own header and customize your theme colors.

Twit_3 (1)

This is where Estie Carrillo and Fred Nerby beg to differ. Carrillo’s design at the top of the page  is clean, simple, and slightly reminiscent of Instagram with its square frame for the user’s profile picture. On the other hand, Nerby’s design (above) employs the use of flashier graphics, making the site seem more high-powered and dynamic. Both showcase the designers’ stunning vision, and I’m of the opinion that Twitter would do well to take note.

Check out Carrilo’s redesign here, and Nerby’s here.

What are your thoughts on Twitter, these new layouts, and social media in general? Share your opinion in the comments below!


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