First Job Hunt: Does Size Matter? – Udit Goel


Architecture students are constantly beset by questions concerning where they want to work, and for what type of firm – and these two questions often boil down to a decision concerning the size of the firm they want to work for. This article, originally posted on Arch Shortcuts thankfully makes this difficult choice a little easier. In it, blog Co-Founder Udit Goel reviews the pros and cons of big firms and small firms, including compensation, expected working hours, and responsibilities. Read the full article, after the break.

One of the biggest decisions we face coming out of architecture school is what kind of job to apply for. Most of us aren’t fortunate enough to be able to choose from multiple offers in this economy, but we normally have an idea of the type of company we would like to work for, mostly in terms of its size. However, is there actually a pay-off…

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